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USD/JPY: Risk Sentiment Shift Testing Lower Short-Term Value – 08 November 2022

The USD/JPY remains challenging as trading produces quick lower reversals with behavioral sentiment being tested cautiously.


The USD/JPY is near the 146.900 mark as of this writing with the typical high intensity price action the currency pair frequently displays. The USD/JPY remains solidly locked within the higher realms of its long-term technical range, and charts with a wide timespan perspective certainly exhibit just how strong the bullish trend has been. However, the past week and half of trading have begun to show signs of shifting behavioral sentiment.

The USD/JPY was Trading near the 152.000 ratio on the 21st of October

The USD/JPY has actually begun to show signs of bearish selling and current value is within sight of important support. Yes, traders must always be ready for reversals higher in the USD/JPY, this because of the enormous amount of volume the currency pair always generates. However, the 146.000 mark below is an obvious target for speculators. While this value may seem far away for the time being, the USD/JPY does have a habit of suddenly creating vicious price velocity.

The movement of the USD/JPY has also mirrored results seen across Forex. While analysts debate the merits of the U.S Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan, and their wide disagreement regarding interest rate policies as inflation continues to cause economic problems, there does seem to be evidence that financial houses have begun to shift their trading sentiment. The USD has become weaker in the past few days against many major currencies including the JPY.

Risk Management and Speculative Wagering within the USD/JPY need to Practiced Together

Having attained highs in the USD/JPY which had not been seen since 1990, perhaps now is the time the currency pair will begin to retreat lower. However, one way avenues for trading direction are seldom seen, reversals are common and need to be guarded against.Choppy short-term conditions may prevail as financial houses wait on the results from today’s mid-term U.S elections. As the results are awaited, the USD/JPY may test its currency price range until a clear outlook is achieved.

The USD/JPY appears to have started a bearish trend. However, the fact the USD/JPY remains firmly within the lofty heights of its long-term technical charts should be a very strong warning to not be overly ambitious if a speculator wants to wager on downside momentum continuing. Support levels like the 146.000 and 145.000 ratios will need to not only be challenged but brushed aside and value sustained below. Until then traders should use resistance levels that are perceived as slightly higher, in order to speculate on short terms swelling moves downward.

USD/JPY Short Term Outlook:

Current Resistance: 146.990

Current Support: 146.510

High Target: 147.830

Low Target: 145.300

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