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USD/INR: Consolidation near Highs Suggests More Volatility – 02 November 2022

The USD/INR is maintaining its higher range as the shadow of the U.S Federal Reserve’s rate hike and monetary policy pronouncements are set to be delivered.

The USD/INR is trading near highs in early trading, maintaining its rather lofty price realms near the 82.7600 vicinity as of this writing. The ability of the USD/INR to sustain it long-term record values is intriguing, this while it seems to hesitate slightly below Monday’s short-term highs of nearly 82.8650.


The hint of consolidation in trading the past day is a signal turbulence is about to grow. Financial institutions are waiting on the U.S Federal Reserve to deliver an expected interest rate hike today, and then interpret what the U.S central bank states as its near-term monetary policy in the coming few months. Volatility is certain to develop in the USD/INR later today and tonight.

The 83.0000 may seem to be a Resistance Barrier that is too high for the USD/INR

Traders who are looking at technical charts have important decisions if they intend on pursuing the USD/INR with speculative wagers before the U.S Federal Reserve pronouncements. Simply put, a speculator who places a position in the USD/INR before the interest rate announcements and FOMC Statement and intends on holding the position is taking a risk. Careful leverage should be used and a solid emotional outlook will be needed.

Current support levels near the 82.6500 to 82.6000 ratios should be watched carefully. Volatility and reversals will erupt during the U.S central bank’s actions later today. If the 82.6000 mark is proven vulnerable and a test of the 82.5000 to 82.4000 ensues, then it would not be a shock to see the 82.2500 value targeted. However, this would likely mean the U.S Federal Reserve has stated that it intends on slowing the pace of its interest rate hikes.

Clarity is sought by Financial Houses as the USD/INR trades near Record Highs

The USD/INR has been locked into a long-term bullish trend, traders betting on the end of this trend starting to develop should be ready for expensive and potentially dangerous Forex fireworks if the U.S Fed remains hawkish with its monetary policy outlook.If the 83.0000 realm higher is broken later today, it likely means the U.S central bank has signaled additionally strong interest rate hikes to come.

Cautious traders may want to sit on the sidelines until the U.S Fed message is delivered. The USD/INR will be a pure betting environment for speculators today. However, if a trader feels based on recent news flow and economic data that the U.S Federal Reserve may sound more dovish later today, they could be making a rather worthwhile bet.

Aiming for selling to develop in the USD/INR later today may be an intriguing wager. Danger is certain. Volatility will arise. Risk management and stop losses are essential if a trader decides to pursue the USD/INR today.

USD/INR Short Term Outlook:

Current Resistance: 82.8140

Current Support: 82.6890

High Target: 83.2280

Low Target: 82.2400

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