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Pairs in Focus This Week- EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, Gold, BTC/USD – 25 September 2022


The EUR/USD has collapsed during the previous week, as it looks like the bottom is completely falling out. At this point in time, it’s going to continue to see a lot of fading any signs of strength. Ultimately, the US dollar is going to continue to strengthen against almost everything, therefore I do believe it is probably only a matter time before sellers come in and squash any type of rally. After all, the market is going to continue to see plenty of downward momentum over the next several weeks.


The GBP/USD has crashed over 5% during the trading session on Friday to continue significant nastiness over the course of the week. Ultimately, we are well below the 1.10 level and it looks as if it has much further to go. That being said, I would anticipate some type of balance, but that bounce is something that you should be shorting. Quite frankly, there is no real reason to think anything is going to change longer term, but eventually you do get some type of relief rally. That relief rally should be yet another opportunity to get short.



The AUD/USD has broken through a significant support level during the course of the week, and looks very likely to continue going lower over the next several weeks. I think the 0.65 level obviously should cause a little bit of psychological support, but quite frankly there’s nothing at the 0.65 level that means anything important at this point. I do believe that we have a scenario that you are looking at a “fade the rally” type of situation here, just as you do anything against the US dollar right now.


The USD/CHF has shot higher during the course of the week, as we continue to see a lot of US dollar strength across the board, and it is probably worth noting that the 0.99 level is an area that has been significant resistance. I believe the market is likely to see that as resistance extending all the way to the parity level, so therefore it’s very difficult to see this market simply sliding through that area. However, if it does, and we recapture the parity level, the US dollar could spike. Short-term dips continue to be supported, so I’m not necessarily thinking about selling.


Gold markets have broken through major support during the week, and it looks to me like every time we get a little bit of a bounce, you should be thinking about fading it at the first signs of exhaustion. After all, the Federal Reserve and the US dollar both are working against gold in the sense that higher rates and a strengthening greenback is like kryptonite for gold. At this point, it is likely that we could go down to the $1500 level.


The BTC/USD has drifted a little lower during the week, but it should be noted we are barely hanging onto a significant support level in the form of the $18,000 level. If we break down below 18,000, then it’s likely that the market goes much lower, perhaps reaching down to the $12,000 level. This is an area where we had bounced from previously, and kicked off the massive bull market. Any time Bitcoin shows signs of strength, it’s probably just an argument to start shorting yet again at the first signs of exhaustion.

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