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GBP/USD Forecast: Pound Attempts to Bounce – 24 August 2022

The GBP/USD has attempted to bounce during the trading session on Tuesday as the selling pressure seems to be letting up a bit.We are in the midst of the Jackson Hole Symposium, and central bankers will be speaking quite a bit this week.People will be trying to figure out what happens next, as a lot of traders have decided to call the bluff of central banks.


There’s been this narrative going around that perhaps central bankers are going to pivot, because of poor economic numbers. What traders seem to be ignoring is the fact that inflation is out of control, and even though it is slowing down a bit, in places like the United States it’s 8.5% year over year, and in the United Kingdom, it’s over 10% year over year. Because of this, central banks are going to have to tighten, despite the fact that it will almost certainly cause a recession.

The Bank of England already said that a recession is coming, essentially confirming what most people want to say out loud. The market continues to see a lot of narrative from time to time that has people thinking differently, especially in stock markets. However, in the Forex world, you can see that traders are running towards the US dollar. That should continue to be the case, especially if Jerome Powell ends up putting rumors to rest about the Federal Reserve and pivoting.

It’s been quite an interesting sideshow, watching traders try to talk themselves into a pivot that’s not coming.The US dollar is going to be like a wrecking ball for the entire world, and the United Kingdom is not going to avoid this problem. However, rallies will happen from time to time, but those are going to be opportunities to pick up “cheap US dollars.” Going forward, I suspect it’s probably a “fade the rally” type of situation. In fact, is not to we break above the 1.25 level that I would consider buying the British pound. Even then, I will have to see what the fundamental noise and news is, because although technical analysis can help, in times like this it’s more about the fundamentals than anything else, as there have been so many crosscurrents at the same time.

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