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AUD/USD Forecast: Aussie Gaps to the Upside – 14 March 2023

Ultimately, it seems that the best strategy for traders may be to fade rallies in the Australian dollar going forward.

The AUD/USD currency pair has experienced some volatility in recent trading sessions.After opening higher on Monday and showing signs of strength, the currency quickly faced selling pressure and retreated from its initial gains.This pullback came as the market approached the 0.67 level, which had previously served as a support level and is now being tested as resistance.


As a commodity currency, the Australian dollar is closely linked to the performance of global commodity markets. This means that it is subject to significant fluctuations, particularly as investors react to changes in supply and demand for commodities. The 0.67 level, in particular, has a strong market memory and is therefore likely to continue to serve as a key level of resistance in the short term.

Looking ahead, there are a few key levels to watch in the Australian dollar’s performance. If the currency is able to break above the 0.67 level, it could potentially push higher towards the 0.68 level, which marks the top of a recent consolidation area. However, if the market breaks below the recent range, it could open up a move down to the psychologically significant 0.65 level.

If the Australian dollar does experience a sharp downturn, it could potentially drop as low as the 0.63 level or even lower. This could be due to a variety of factors, including tighter monetary policy from the US Federal Reserve and a potential slowdown in the global economy. The Federal Reserve has indicated that it is likely to continue raising interest rates, which could boost demand for the US dollar and put pressure on other currencies.

Ultimately, it seems that the best strategy for traders may be to fade rallies in the Australian dollar going forward. This means taking short positions when the currency shows signs of strength, with the expectation that it will ultimately retreat from its gains, due to central bank verbal and monetary intervention. As always, traders should remain vigilant and pay close attention to key levels of support and resistance in order to make trades, as they are so clearly laid out on the charts. If we do rally from here, I think it will be more of a slow and steady process, with a little bit more momentum on the downside at this point in time.

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