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ADA/USD: After Highs Sudden Move Lower Testing Weaker Values – 28 June 2022

ADA/USD has stumbled again and is within sight of important lower depths, as nervous sentiment in the broad cryptocurrency market remains evident.


ADA/USD is trading near the 48 and half cent ratio as of this writing. On the 26th of June Cardano was able to touch the 52 and half cent level, but selling has certainly erupted again the past couple of days which has brought ADA/USD back to important lower values. Cardano remains a volatile cryptocurrency due to quick moves. In early trading this morning ADA/USD traded briefly near the 0.47220000 level.

The 42 cents to 56 cents price range has proven rather interesting since the middle of June. ADA/USD remains within a long term bearish trend and its incremental loss of value is clear on technical charts. In the first week of September 2021, ADA/USD was trading above the 3.00000000 level. Those sunnier days now feel long gone, and traders who have been waiting for a sudden burst of strong upwards buying gaining sustained strength have been sorely disappointed.

The inability of ADA/USD to achieve sustained moves higher will keep bearish traders attention on support levels which lurk. If ADA/USD can keep its head above the 48 cents level this may actually attract short term bullish buyers who want to aim for 49 cents and slightly above, but they should probably only look for very fast trades and use take profit orders to cash in. Because if the 48 and a quarter cent ratio were to suddenly come into focus, sellers could not be blamed for targeting values below again.

The broad cryptocurrency market continues to show signs of nervousness. Yesterday’s trading began to produce incremental selling and the price action of ADA/USD has mirrored the results of the larger market. Cardano remains an important cryptocurrency with a market capitalization ranking at number 8. If ADA/USD technically falls below the 48 cents level this could be viewed as an indicator that additional nervous selling will build.

Lows in ADA/USD have continued to test marks within the 47 cents price range the past week of trading when downturns have occurred. Speculative sellers who believe another round of downwards momentum is going to develop may want to ignite shorts when ADA/USD has touched technical resistance areas perhaps around 0.48610000 if they are conservative. Traders should use entry price orders when trading ADA/USD because it moves fast. Speculators are also encouraged to use take profit and stop loss orders as risk taking tools within the current market conditions.

Current Resistance: 0.48860000

Current Support: 0.47990000

High Target: 0.49370000

Low Target: 0.45490000

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